Public Officers Law, Article 6, Sections 84-90 sets forth the Freedom of Information Law, which pertains to all records that are maintained by or for an agency.

The City maintains records relating to City government only—all other requests should be sent to the appropriate government agency (i.e. City Court).

Submitting a request:
If you wish to copy and/or inspect records maintained by the City, please click here to submit a request online.  If you would prefer to submit a paper request, please click here to access our paper application. For your convenience, you have the option to either receive copies of the record(s) sought, or to review/inspect the record(s) at a scheduled time. Please choose appropriately.

To ensure that we process your request as efficiently as possible, be sure to provide the following information:

  • Your name, address, email address and telephone number
  • A reasonable description of the record(s) sought, containing specific dates and supporting information which will allow the City to identify and locate the record(s)
  • Your preference to inspect/review record(s) or to copy the record(s)

In response to a request, the City will provide notice within five (5) business days indicating receipt of the request and approve or deny the request, detailing any reason(s) for denial.

The City has up to twenty (20) business days to fulfill each request. If it is determined that more time is needed to fulfill your request, you will be notified accordingly.

Submit a Freedom of Information Request

Please complete all applicable information as explicitly as possible.

    NOTICE TO APPLICANT: You have the right to appeal a denial of this application to Rome City Clerk/Records Access Officer, 198 N. Washington St, Rome, New York 13440. The City of Rome will explain the reason for such denial in writing within ten (10) business days of an appeal.