Did You Know?

The City of Rome is full of interesting facts.  For example, did you know that?

  • Francis Bellamy, Author of the “Pledge of Allegiance” lived, and is buried, in Rome?
  • The first shovel of dirt was turned at Rome for the Erie Canal, which bridged the gap between waterways to enable travel, and opened the American West?
  • Alex Haley, the talented author of “Roots,” also lived in Rome?
  • In 1851, Jesse Williams inaugurated the factory systems of making cheese from sweet milk and the first cheese factory was in Rome, NY?
  • Frank Potter, who lived at the Beeches, invented the first 2-piece handheld telephone?
  • Roman John Dove was instrumental in the development of the CD-ROM technology?
  • Rome was home to the 30th anniversary of Woodstock 1999?
  • According to “The Encyclopedia of New York,” in 1871, Prof. C.C. Coe of Rome landed his hot air balloon in downtown Syracuse’s Clinton Square — a scene likely witnessed by L. Frank Baum, who would later write about a similar episode in his classic, “The Wizard of Oz?”
  • Tim Russ of Star Trek Voyager graduated from Rome Free Academy in 1974? See for yourself here!

We’re always looking for facts about Rome, little-known or otherwise.  If you have knowledge of an invention, famous person, important event, or other interesting facts, please contact us at (315) 339-7677 so that we can let the world know about them.