Fort Stanwix National Monument & Marinus Willett Center

Visit Fort Stanwix, where our shared heritage comes alive every day, and explore the sights, sounds, smells and feel of the 18th century. Discover how people endured harsh lives along the Oneida Carrying Place, the superhighway of the 18th century, and directly contributed to the American victory at Saratoga and westward expansion through New York’s gateway to the west.

Rediscover hundreds of archeological pieces in the museum and enjoy the fort diorama, theater and bookstore in the visitor center.  Visit the National Park Service website

Marinus Willett Center

The new Marinus Willett Collections Management and Education Center embodies the mission of the National Park Service at Fort Stanwix National Monument; to preserve our national resources and to provide an enjoyable educational experience for this and future generations. Within the Willett Center, Fort Stanwix National Monument will store and preserve its 485,000 artifacts and documents inside a state-of-the-art collection facility. The exhibits within the building explore the story of Fort Stanwix and the Mohawk Valley through the eyes of the people who lived in New York during the American Revolutionary War. The Willett Center is located at the corner of Erie Boulevard and James Street in Rome, New York and opened on July 1, 2005.

Additionally, the Willett Center serves as a regional tourism center. As the western gateway to the Mohawk Valley, tourists traveling by foot, bicycle, motor vehicle, train or boat will learn about the many opportunities available in Central New York.