Common Council



The Common Council is the legislative branch of City government. It is comprised of a President, elected by the general city, and seven councilors, each elected by a specific ward of the City.

Council meetings are open to the public and occur on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm. The Council votes on items such as Resolutions, Ordinances & Local Laws for the City of Rome. The public is welcome to address the Council for up to 5 minutes at the beginning of each meeting. The meeting agenda is available on the Friday preceding the meeting.

Neighborhood Beautification Awards

  • Rhonda Ellinger of 526 Mayberry Rd. (1st Ward)
  • Leon & Rhonda Richardson of 370 Depeyster St. (2nd Ward)
  • Vern B & Tammy Purrington of 536 S Jay St. (3rd Ward)
  • Chris & Judy McCarthy of 762 W. Court St. (4th Ward)
  • Peter & Grace Dain of 8348 Forest Ln. (5th Ward)
  • Peter & Joan Massa of 6736 Williams Rd.(6th Ward)
  • Fred & Hoa Robenski of 7416 Schuyler St. (7th Ward)
  • Kathleen Pallay of 314 Elm St. (President’s Choice)

2018-2019 Common Council Standing Committees:

  • Finance, Laws & Rules
    Kimberly Rogers, Chair
    John Mortise
    Robert Tracy


  • Community & Economic Development
    Riccardo Dursi, Jr., Chair
    Kimberly Rogers
    Ramona Smith


  • Education, Parks and Cultural Affairs
    Robert Tracy, Chair
    Cam Tien
    Ramona Smith


  • Municipal Operations
    Frank Anderson, Chair
    Kimberly Rogers
    Riccardo Dursi, Jr.


  • Public Safety
    John Mortise, Chair
    Frank Anderson
    Cam Tien


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Common Council Contact Information:

President of the Common Council

Stephanie Viscelli
1734 N. George St.
Rome, NY 13440
(315) 709-9308 (Cell)


The President of the Common Council is elected by the people every four years. The President presides at the Council meetings, and does not vote on legislation unless to break a tie. The President is also a member of the Board of Estimate and Contract.

I was elected President in November of 2015, and took office January 1, 2016 after the Past President, John Mazzaferro, stepped down after 36 years. I have committed to continuing John’s community programs which include a volunteer shoveling program for seniors and the disabled members of the community, and the “Are You Okay” Program in cooperation with the Rome City Police Department.

I was born and raised here in Rome and returned in 2004 to raise my family. My children attend Rome City Schools and my majority of my extended family continues to reside here in Rome. I am committed to serving the City of Rome in hopes of re-establishing the strong economy Rome once had so that the citizens of Rome may continue to enjoy all the benefits of living in our wonderful City.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any concerns you may have as a citizen of our City. I am committed to serving all members our community.


1st Ward


Member: Public Safety, Education, Parks and Culture


2nd Ward

john mortise

John B. Mortise
6744 Route 233
Rome, NY 13440
(315) 527-4056


The City of Rome’s 2nd ward is very important for our City. Not only does the 2nd ward take up a major land mass of our city, but it also comprises three main corridors into the City of Rome. Rt. 69, Rome – Oriskany Rd., Rt. 233, Rome-Westmoreland Rd. and South James St. These corridors are direct gateways in and out of our city.

Chairperson: Public Safety
Member:  Finance, Laws & Rules


3rd Ward

kimberly rogers

Kimberly Rogers
5171 Oswego Road
Rome, NY 13440
(315) 404-5322


Welcome to the 3rd Ward!  I am proud to be serving as the Common Council representative for the largest of all of the City of Rome’s districts.  I was born and raised in Rome and have been a small business owner since 1997.  My husband and I have two children and we have lived in the 3rd Ward for several years.  Like you, I want a better community for our children and grandchildren.  Yet to achieve that goal we must have strong leaders willing to listen to your concerns and committed residents who get involved.  As your representative on the Common Council your voice will be heard!  I will make informed decisions about our future recognizing not only the short term impacts, but also how those decisions affect our community 25 years in the future.

Chairperson: Finance, Laws & Rules
Member:  Municipal Operations, Community & Economic Development

Special Interests and Concerns

  • Neighborhood Preservation and Revitalization through aggressive programs that eliminate blight and encourage investment.
  • Financial Accountability and Reducing Taxpayer Burden by identifying cost savings opportunities and eliminating excess spending.
  • Economic development and Job Creation by providing incentives and retention assistance to new and existing small businesses.
  • Protecting Our Citizens through aggressive enforcement of existing laws and the creation of new laws that improve safety in our neighborhoods.

Encouraging Downtown Development by providing strong support for initiatives such as the Rome Main Streets Alliance, Rome Up and Running and Rome’s Little Italy.

3rd Ward Resident Meetings
Interaction with the community is a critical component to progress. As such, regular town hall style ward meetings are held the second Monday of each month at the South Rome Senior Center on Ridge St. at 6:30 pm. There will be a special guest speaker at each meeting as well as an opportunity to voice your concerns. Information will be available on this site as well as published in the Rome Daily Sentinel each month announcing the guest speaker and location. Please plan to attend and let me know what’s on your mind. Together, we can make a difference!


4th Ward

Ramona L. Smith
104 Indian Creek Lane
Rome, NY 13440
(315) 337-4327

Member: Community & Economic Development, Education, Parks and Cultural Affairs


5th Ward

frank anderson

Frank R. Anderson
1106 Cedarbrook Drive
Rome, NY 13340
(315) 337-0711


Welcome! My name is Frank R. Anderson, and I am proud to be serving as the 5th Ward member of the Rome Common Council.  The 5th Ward runs right through the middle of Rome, with its boundaries south to north being from N. James Street all the way up to Lorena Road and Sleepy Hollow Roads, and the width boundaries are from Thomas Street to Turin Road.  I have 2 very important goals that I am constantly trying to achieve—-first, to serve you and be the voice in Rome City government for the people of the 5th Ward, as well as improving on the quality of life in not only the 5th Ward but also the entire City, so that the City of Rome can grow and prosper and be a city of choice for people to live, work and play!

Chairperson:  Municipal Operations
Member: Public Safety

Special Interests and Concerns:

  • Help to create a stable and expanded tax base
  • Help to control city spending and work to find new revenue sources
  • Work with other elected officials to eliminate and prevent unfunded mandates that drive up taxes
  • Continue to work to make the 5th Ward a safe place to live, work and play through public safety awareness and active Neighborhood Watch programs.
  • Continuing to work on the 5th Ward and the rest of Rome’s infrastructure
  • Improving access to information and services for constituents
  • Helping to move the city forward, and to make certain that Rome is a city of choice


6th Ward

Rick Dursi

Riccardo D. Dursi, Jr.
6672 Golf Course Rd.
Rome, NY 13440
(315) 335-1417

Chairperson: Community & Economic Development
Member: Municipal Operations


7th Ward

A. Robert Tracy
213 W. Oak St.
Rome, NY 13340
(315) 337-8970

Chairperson: Education, Parks and Cultural Affairs
Member: Finance, Laws & Rules


Common Council Meeting Agendas:

Meeting Audio: