Welcome to beautiful Rome, New York. The City of Rome has incredible assets that make it a unique and wonderful place to live, work, play and raise a family. Wonderful schools, safe streets, a great labor force, countless outdoor recreational activities, amazing arts and entertainment events, and an abundance of historical treasures can all be found here. Quality of life in Rome is unmatched and offers a magnificent opportunity for continued growth and prosperity. Come visit us and find out why Rome, NY is the “Center of It All”.

Among our many assets are a number of great parks and playgrounds.

The city’s parks and playgrounds shall be closed to all traffic and activity at 10:00 p.m. each evening unless special permission shall otherwise be obtained.


The City has 12 playgrounds, each with its own unique character.  The playgrounds include:

Our parks are spread out geographically and a smaller pocket park as well as a larger neighborhood park serves most neighborhoods.  Our larger neighborhood parks also have pools or other amenities.

Crescent Park

Crescent Park (also formerly known as Genesee Park Place) is a pocket park located on South Crescent Street and Genesee Place. It mainly serves the population from Riverview Parkway North to Crossgates Street to Oakwood Street.

It is located on the southern end of this neighborhood but is within easy walking distance from all parts of neighborhood.

The development of Crescent Park includes the following: small playground with one main play structure, several small flower/shrub plantings; a small basketball court with basket and backstop and perimeter fencing alongside South Crescent Street. The park is not lighted but does receive some light from nearby streetlights.

The park was renovated in 2007-08 and its current equipment is in excellent condition and offers an array of play options.  Future plans for the park include the addition of new belt swings and new bucket swings as well as some additional stand-alone equipment.

Franklyn’s Field

Franklyns Field
Franklyn’s Field is a neighborhood park located on North James Street, Black River Boulevard, East Pine and East Locust Streets. Along with Pinti Field, it is one of the two most utilized parks in the city.

Franklyn’s Field, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2010, features:

  • Playground with two distinct play structures; one geared for children ages 5-12 and another designed for children ages 2-5
  • A clubhouse with a variety of activity tables and games
  • A regulation baseball field and one smaller practice baseball field
  • Four lighted tennis courts, for anytime play
  • Two newly installed basketball courts
  • Several acres of open space.

As a result of its location and amenities, Franklyn’s Field hosts several city recreational programs and several Rome City School District activities and programs. The park has frontage along all four streets with high visibility from all vantage points and is served by two small parking lots with room for roughly 10 cars each as well as on-street parking.

In addition to the lighted tennis courts and security-lit basketball court, the park has security lighting around the clubhouse and some additional security lighting around the perimeter of the park. Over the past several years the park has received heavy usage, attracting more than 30,000 playground visitors during each of the past several years.

Gryziec Field

Gryziec Field (formerly known as the South James Street Playground) is a neighborhood park located on South James Street and Muck Road. The park is considered one of the hidden gems of the city’s 25-park system.

Guyer Field

Welcome to Guyer Field — the recipient of the New York State Recreation and Park Society’s award winner for Outstanding Facility of 2008. It is home of the annual Rick LeFevre Fishing Derby in May, sponsored by the Rome Fish Hatchery.

Guyer Field is a neighborhood park located on Laurel Street between Kent and Union Streets.  Although it mainly serves the population from west/central Rome, the park has also become both a community-wide asset as well as a regional asset due to its barrier-free equipment.  The large play structure is fully accessible, allowing individuals in wheelchairs to access all parts of the equipment, including the slides, overhead apparatus and other features.

Additionally, supplemental equipment, including therapeutic swings, is also available to help stimulate play.

The Guyer Field pool also utilizes a ramp instead of stairs, is fully accessible.  The wading pool has a maximum depth of (1’- 10”) one foot-ten inches.

The park hosts several city recreational programs and several Rome City School District programs.

Guyer Field also features a pavilion with picnic tables and benches; Wood Creek as well as a pedestrian bridge spanning the creek with a handicapped-accessible fishing platform, a bathhouse and restrooms; a basketball court; two tennis courts with fencing; a softball sized grass infield with backstop; and a multi-purpose athletic field suitable for soccer or football.

Haselton-Wright Playground

Haselton-Wright Park, which is a regional park located at 200 Riverview Parkway North.

Haselton-Wright Park features:

  • Two lighted softball fields that share a common outfield
  • Public restrooms
  • A medium-sized playground
  • A paved “walking” trail around the exterior of the softball fields with dog waste receptacles available
  • Several acres of open space available for soccer, football, frisbee, golf practice, etc.
  • Large parking lot with room for approximately 100 vehicles

Haselton-Wright Park is also the host of our adult softball leagues throughout the spring and summer months including men’s, women’s, and co-ed. League play generally begins during the first week of May and ends with playoff tournaments in August. Game start times are generally 6:00 p.m., 7:15 p.m., and 8:30 p.m.

For more information concerning the leagues and/or how to join, please view the Adult Softball League link.

Men’s League Play: Sunday, Monday, and Thursday Nights

Women’s League Play: Wednesday and Friday Nights

Co-ed League Play: Tuesday Nights

Liberty Gardens/Thron Park

Liberty Gardens/Thron Park is a neighborhood park located at 200 North Levitt Street.

It mainly serves the population from the surrounding quarter-mile area of west Rome, including the Liberty Gardens housing complex.

The park was redeveloped in 2003 and 2004, which followed CPTED standards. A pavilion, benches and grills were removed because they were contributing to unwanted activity.  A basketball court was removed and two new basketball courts were constructed where old tennis courts had been. A walkway and arboretum were installed to promote a better flow of traffic and increased visibility as well as provide for educational opportunities for neighborhood children as well as a resource for the nearby Gansevoort Elementary School.

Following the improvements, calls regarding negative use have dropped significantly. There is also a ball field with backstop and a large open turf area – which were unchanged during renovation.

The playground equipment was also unchanged and features two small play structures with slides and related equipment and panels.

The department hopes to begin a neighborhood park assessment with local residents in 2010.  This assessment will help guide any future rehabilitation or renovations of this playground.

North Glenview (Eddy) Park

North Glenview Park (formerly known as the Eddy Park) is a neighborhood park located off Seville Drive and Glen Road in Rome’s outer district. It was designed to serve the populations from the North Glenview development and from the Valley View development off of Elmer Hill Road.

The park is surrounded by the back yards of homes to its south; by a cornfield to the north and east and by power lines then homes to the west.  Because of plantings and fencing, the park is somewhat isolated from the surrounding homes.

The park was closed during the summer of 2000 due to a lack of use but was reopened for use in the summer of 2009 when significant renovations to the park occurred.

The equipment at the park include: one new main play structure (installed in 2009) and the repair of an existing play structure; a basketball court; two tennis courts with fencing; and a baseball/softball field with backstop and perimeter fencing between the cornfield and the park.

Additionally, significant tree overgrowth was removed and a series of smaller non-functional play items were removed and these areas were topsoiled and replanted with grass to provide additional green space.

Pinti Field

Pinti Field is a neighborhood park located on Sixth and Mohawk Streets. It mainly serves the population from two distinct East Rome neighborhoods from Mohawk Street to East Dominick Street and from Millbrook Road to Floyd Ave. It is located centrally between these two neighborhoods.

The park has undergone a significant renovation in 2008 with the redesign and reconstruction of its central playground hub.  The new playground, created by Miracle Playground Systems and installed by Pettinelli & Associates of Vermont, is one of the finest playgrounds in central New York.  The three-story playground features a variety of slides and play features.  The 26-foot tube slide and 720-degree twisty slide are unique among Rome’s parks and the talk tubes and other social features of the play structure make it hours of fun!

There is also a smaller play structure for a younger child as well as bucket swings for infants/toddlers and belt swings for older children.

The Pinti Field complex also features:

  • The 0.54-mile Bill Coughlin Trail.  The stone-dust trail is perfect for walking and running as it meanders around the exterior of the park.
  • Tosti Pool – a full-size pool with a maximum depth of 10-feet that includes a slide and a diving board;
  • A skateboard & BMX bike area
  • A basketball court;
  • A clubhouse which serves as a place to beat the heat in the summer and play board games and table games and as an indoor park for toddlers and preschoolers in the winter;
  • Handicapped fishing platform
  • A pavilion and picnic tables and grills.
  • Across the river from the park are the Staley Upper Elementary School and the Colonial I and II apartments. Pinti Field is open from morning to dusk. The park is served by two parking lots off a Sixth Street with room for approximately 70 to 75 automobiles in the largest lot and another 35 vehicles in the smaller pool lot.

The layout of the park has been changed to decrease vandalism, misuse of equipment, and to make supervision of children easier and to increase the distance between the Mohawk River and the play arena. None of the park facilities are lighted but the park does have some security lighting, including the pavilion area.

Ridgewood Heights

Ridgewood Heights Park (or Rock Park) is a neighborhood park located on Ridgewood Street, Roser Terrace and Bedford Street.

The northern portion of the park, has two regulation-size Little League fields.

The southern end of the park (along Lynwood Street) contains basketball and tennis courts; a play structure with slides and climbing equipment; a merry-go-round and a swing set.

Steven’s Field

Steven’s field is a neighborhood park located on the corner of West Court and Frederick Streets. It mainly serves the population from a six-block area.

The development of Steven’s Field includes:

  • A playground with an intermediate play structure and some ancillary play equipment
  • A pavilion with picnic table and benches
  • A wading pool, 3 foot to 4 1/2 foot with bathhouse and restrooms
  • Circular concrete benches that serve as both seating and as a visual design
  • A basketball court
  • Two tennis courts with fencing
  • Two (2) regulation-size softball field with backstops that share a common outfield.
  • A multi-purpose athletic field suitable for soccer, football, frisbee, etc.
  • Over the past several years the park has received moderate to heavy usage, attracting several thousand users each summer. The most used facilities at Steven’s Field are the wading pool and the play boosters, although the basketball does receive substantial use.

None of the park facilities are lighted but the park does have some security lighting.

The city has a dual use agreement With the Rome City School District that uses part of the park for physical education and extracurricular activities for the Gansevoort Elementary School.

Triangle Park

Triangle Park is a pocket park located at the corner of East Garden Street, Lincoln Avenue and McKinley Street. It mainly serves the population from Black River Boulevard to East Locust Street and from Van Buren Street to Floyd Avenue.

It is located in the center of this catchment area and within easy walking distance for all segments of it. It has frontage along East Garden Street, Lincoln Avenue and McKinley Street and is highly visible. It is surrounded by adjacent homes most of which face out onto the triangular park. It is open from morning to dusk and is limited to young childhood play by deed.

Triangle Park was redeveloped in 2007-08 and includes the following: One large new playground structure in the center of the park; a swing set; several tree and shrub plantings and a large grassy area perfect for kicking around a soccer ball or playing a game of catch. The playground is surrounded by perimeter fencing.

The park is in excellent condition and is well used by nearby residents.

Uvanni Park

Uvanni Park is a pocket park located on the corner of Lawrence and Lynch Streets in South Rome. It mainly serves the population from South James Street to the arterial; Canal Street to Ann Street.

It is located in the corner of this catchment area but is within easy walking distance for all segments of it. It has frontage along both streets and is highly visible.

Uvanni Park was designed and developed in 2003-04 and includes the following: One large playground structure; swing set; several tree and shrub plantings; and some accompanying benches fencing.

Park and equipment are both in excellent condition.